Visual Studio Session URL

I just watched another one of Jose Gomez’s great videos “Epicor Connect Visual Studio 2010”. I got this working (for the most part) in VS Community 2015 connecting to E9. The Session URL connection string format has changed in E10 and I can’t figure out what I need to enter here.
using (Session epiSession = new Session(“username”, “pw”, “AppServerDC://Server:9401”, Session.LicenseType.Default))

The “AppServerDC://Server:9401” section is what I am not sure how to enter for E10.

Here is what the AppServer URL line looks like in the .sysconfig file in E10.
AppServerURL value=“net.tcp://Server/BECKE101500”

I have tried a few different gyrations of that line but nothing seems to work.



You can’t do the same thing in E10, E9 and E10 are completely different beasts.

In E10 you should use the WCF Services (which are the same end points the DLL’s use). Look at the documentation for that in Epic Web. This walks you all the way through

They work great and offer the exact same performance as the DLL’s. Furthermore if you are in E10.1.500X I recommend the REST Services instead.


The web services dev guide is out there and gives you a sample. A REST sample will soon be available to give you a non tech dependent approach ( And will be available in the REST course @Insights </>)