Void a Pack error - "Obj. Ref. not sent to an instance of an object"

Trying to void a pack but receiving the error ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object’.

Not sure what is causing this error.

Hi Randy,
Do you have any customization on the screen?


Can you provide more details, like the ERP version and the full error text?

No, this is jut trying to do a basic void of a pack. We’ve had customizations, but not to this screen…yet. lol

I’m hoping none occur. we have enough issues of that already. :slight_smile:

Sorry, we are running Epicor 10.2.600.7

Attached is the error


I wonder if there is a problem with allocation of material? We have struggled with that lately. We just went live 7/1. I’m guessing there may be some garbage data, or something that we are not looking for?

You should share the complete error so we can see the inner stack trace.

Check if there is any BPM on Customer shipment or PartAlloc.

There’s enough code that I can’t really offer any suggestion based on the screenshot.

If you can get a more detailed error stack by enabling server logging it would be better.

Looked deeper into this and found the problem lies in a mismatch with QOH compared to what it shows in FIFO.

Co-worker put a ticket into Epicor support to get a ‘fix’ for it.

Thank you everyone for your efforts with this.