Void/Cancel/Close Quote Line?

Hi there,

I’m looking for a way to close/void a quote line so that pushing the quote to an order or pulling the quote to an order won’t generate order lines for said quote lines.

I can set QuoteDtl.VoidLine to true, but the line still shows up in the quote order wizard as “order worthy.”

Short of BPMs, anyone know how to do this?


Can you Expire the Quote? I wonder if that removes it.

There is a Process Set you can find in Main Menu

Quote Expiration Process to schedule the task of expiring quotes in the system that have expiration dates before the current date.

you can set the quote quantity to 0 then when the order is created from the quote, the sales order wont pick up that line.
to clarify, line 2 was set to 0.

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