Void Order Acknowledgment

Can anybody print an order acknowledgment for a manually closed order? I get a system monitor error saying No Order Details record found, even with the Standard SSRS style.

Complete guess here, but I bet the Report Data Definition has a criteria that is limiting you. I’d have a look there, and duplicate and modify as needed.

The Order Acknowledgment doesn’t print closed lines. Since all lines on a closed order are closed, the RDD sends an empty data set, yielding the “No Records” error in the Sys Monitor.

So even if you re-opened the Order and tried to print, you’d get the same result. Nothing would print until you re-opened at least one order line. And even then, only that line would print.

It seems to treat closed lines as “voided”. They aren’t included in the total that shows on the Summary sheet, or what prints on the OrderAck Form.