Vote Needed - AR Debit Note Entry to specific account # vs header tab account #

Please vote…when working with national accounts (parents/child) it would be great when entering the debit note we can key the customer # of where the debit note should be posted to under the parent vs the header screen customer number causing it to be on the wrong customer number. The work arounds are too timely, please vote to have the customer # used when the debit note is entered. Vote here…

Can you modify posting rules and add a condition (looking for parent/child accounts) to post it to the correct customer?

Good morning Andris -

If you could email me your contact info, it would be appreciated as I would like to explore what you are speaking of. Thank you.

Hi Jason,
I’ll keep it on the forum, so others can benefit. Epicor has the ability to customize the posting rules, to do things “your way” instead of the generic way Epicor thought was best.

Search Epicor’s help for “Posting Engine Technical Reference Guide”. It’s more than you’ll ever want to know about how Epicor does posting. The section “Modifying Posting Rules” gets into making changes.

Are you planning on going to the Insights conference? There’s usually a class about posting rules (although I don’t see one this year). Best part is you can bring your challenges, and you’ll get help on the spot, and make a good contact.

From 2019’s agenda: Lab: Understand the Flexibility of Epicor ERP Posting Rules

"The Posting Engine makes the Epicor ERP Financial Management very flexible and powerful. This lab focuses on the setup and configuration of Posting Rules in Epicor ERP as it can be technically quite challenging to maintain complex accounting schedules. It will also deep dive into the daily usage of the Posting Rules in Epicor ERP and will address what the financial functional experts needs to know about the Posting Rules.​