Voyager 2

Voyager 2 launched 42 years ago today

That thing is over 11 billion miles from earth and just last month we were able to tell it to fire its thrusters to correct trajectory.

Note that 11 Billion miles is about 16 light hours away, it takes 16 hours for us to send and execute a command on this thing (one way) :scream:.

PFFT and you complain about your 4G speeds

This is utterly amazing!


LOL! Those missions were/are fantastic! A few months back I watched a ‘recap’ and am still amazed at their longevity. Let alone that someone at NASA can still write code for them!


The spacecraft found wind speeds in Uranus’ atmosphere as high as 450 miles per hour (724 kilometers per hour) and found evidence of a boiling ocean of water some 497 miles (800 kilometers) below the top cloud surface. Its rings were found to be extremely variable in thickness and opacity.

Sounds like a great place to live. Lol


Wow, that’s some crazy fast wind speeds coming out of Uranus! :laughing:

It had to be said. :expressionless:

But that’s so amazing and incredible that they can accomplish something like that! :slight_smile: And I’ll try to stop complaining about my 4G speeds…LOL! :roll_eyes:


Sorry, Mexican food will do that to me.

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location location location!

In the future, Uranus will be renamed, to put an end to this old joke …

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