Vtg 4 menu security

Hi All.
Just got Vantage 4 installed and working on a test server today. Went
remarkably smoothly! I was trying to identify all the new menu options
that needed security established, and ended up exporting all the Security
file entries from 3 and 4 to find the new ones. Here's my list, thought it
might spare someone from going through the same exercise.

-Wayne Cox

[ New and changed ones hiding in the crowd ]
SEC074-012 Update Job Subassemblies
SEC074-013 Update Job Materials
SEC074-014 Update Job Operations
SEC202-001 Shop Vision - Shop Performance: Dataset Maintenance
SEC202-002 Shop Vision - Shop Performance: Dataset Refresh
SEC203-001 Shop Vision - Sales Backlog: Dataset Maintenance
SEC203-002 Shop Vision - Sales Backlog: Dataset Refresh
SEC205-001 Shop Vision - Ship Performance: Dataset Maintenance
SEC205-002 Shop Vision - Ship Performance: Dataset Refresh
SEC214-001 Invoice Entry: Post Invoice Group
SEC218-001 Open Invoice Load: Post Group
SEC234-001 Open Payables Load: Post Group
SEC238-001 A/P Invoice Entry: Post Invoice Group
SEC396 Q/A Master File Maintenance

[ Everything >= SEC427 is new ]
SEC427 Language Maintenance
SEC428 Journal Code Maintenance
SEC429 A/P Invoice/Receipt Match
SEC430 G/L Chart Tracker
SEC431 G/L Journal Tracker
SEC432 Country Maintenance
SEC433 Intrastat Group Maintenance
SEC434 Vendor Shipping Performance
SEC434-001 Dataset Maintenance
SEC434-002 Dataset Refresh
SEC435 Field Service
SEC436 Service Contract Code
SEC437 Warranty Code
SEC438 Service Contract Entry
SEC439 Service Contract Tracker
SEC440 Enterprise Intelligence
SEC440-001 Dataset Maintenance
SEC440-002 Dataset Refresh
SEC441 A/P 1099 Processing
SEC442 Requisition Entry
SEC443 Requisition Tracker
SEC444 Requisition Actions
SEC445 MRP and MPS
SEC446 File Maintenance
SEC447 General Operations
SEC448 Reports
SEC449 Forecast Entry
SEC450 MPS Entry
SEC451 Process MRP
SEC452 Plant Maintenance
SEC453 Service Call Center
SEC453-001 Service Call Entry
SEC454 Quality Performance Report
SEC454-001 Quality Perf. Maintenance
SEC454-002 Quality Perf. Refresh
SEC455 Service Code
SEC456 Issue Materials
SEC457 Service Call type
SEC458 Job Status Maintenance
SEC459 Service Call Status
SEC460 Service Contract Status
SEC461 Warranty Status
SEC462 Service Technician Dispatch
SEC463 Multi-Site Mangement
SEC464 Sales Management
SEC465 Production Management
SEC466 Materials Management
SEC467 Financial Management
SEC468 System Management
SEC469 Executive Analysis
SEC470 System Configuration
SEC471 System Security
SEC473 Multi-Site File Maintenance
SEC474 Multi-Site
SEC475 Multi-Site File Maintenance
SEC476 Consolidation Maintenance
SEC478 MC General Operations
SEC479 Consolidate to Parent
SEC480 Consolidate From Subsidiary
SEC481 Multi-Site Reports
SEC482 Consolidation Error Log
SEC483 Consol. Receipt Error Log
SEC484 Executive Analysis Trackers
SEC485 Service Contract Analysis
SEC486 Warranty Analysis
SEC487 Receive From Plant
SEC488 MP General Operations
SEC489 Print Inter-Plant Packing Slip
SEC490 Bank Adjustment
SEC491 RMA Tracker
SEC492 Intrastat Maintenance
SEC493 Packaging Classification Maint
SEC494 Vat Tax
SEC495 VAT Tax Report
SEC496 A/P Allocation Maintenance
SEC497 Received but not Invoiced
SEC498 Quality Assurance
SEC499 Q/A General Operations
SEC500 Q/A Reports
SEC501 Corrective Actions Entry
SEC502 First Articles Entry
SEC503 Inspection Processing
SEC504 Non-Conformance Entry
SEC505 Non-Conformance Analysis Rpt