W2 form alignment

We are having trouble getting the W2 forms to come out right. The top comes out aligned but the bottom half is badly misaligned in the vertical direction only.

Anyone have any ideas what we could try or things to look for?

We tried a different brand printer and it worked better – but that printer is not long for the world so I really want to get it to work on the brand new printer.

Did you make any progress with this? I am working on the same problem.

You could create a custom version of the report and move fields around as needed (trial and error).
I haven’t done this with the W2 form, but I had to do it to get the alignments correct on our check runs to line up with our check stock; it should be a very similar process.

Found the solution right after sending my previous reply.

Since the report is 5.5" and prints 2 per page it was more difficult than a normal form. The problem was the space between the 2 forms. Originally the bottom printed fine for me but the top printed about 1/4" low.

I moved everything up 1/4" so the top printed correctly. I then extended the page size to 11.5" and the tablix to 5.75". This causes the print routine to look for 8.5x13 paper so we needed to override the page size and set it to letter.

Not ideal but at least it works.

We just printed with the older printer for now… I am kinda new to Epicor, were are you making those changes?

The accounting lady said that Epicor had a hotfix for the problem, but I don’t know how to verify that.

The changes were made in the SSRS report.

Interesting, I will have to see if I can find any good resources on SSRS reports with multi tenant setups. Glad you got it working.