Wait Timers

I have a need to duplicate a series of workflows that are running in our Dynamics CRM system. Our repair workflow is a simple state machine that sequences through steps of a process. Steps include Initiated, Waiting, Received, etc. I could mimic these states using Epicor tasks, but the piece I’m trying to figure out how to implement relates to wait timers. Along the path of this state machine, there are states that require notifications if the time in a state exceeds some number of days. For example, the state machine will hold in the Waiting state until the item is actually received. The current automation will notify the sales person every 7 days as long as the state remains in the Waiting state. I could write a simple external app that can be fired on a schedule, but I’d like to find something native to Epicor if possible. I know DocStar has some nice workflow capability, but we do not have that module.


@tvonderhaar I would probably do a scheduled BAQ and then send email(s) from post processing on getlist. You can have the baq get the data for the emails or just write a query on company to return a record to fire the process and then do everything in code.

Thank you for the suggestion Greg. I will give this a try!