Warehouse Restrictions


We are working on a project where we would like to allocate orders from a particular customer to their own “warehouse” within the system. Is there a way to restrict order access from one warehouse from all other customer IDs?

Planning Contracts “restricts” (a bin, not warehouse). You may want to experiment with it. MRP even respects the allocation.

(Spelled Planning incorrectly… :roll_eyes: )

Does this customer have part numbers designated to it? If so you could set the part to point to their own primary warehouse.

Then on fulfillment workbench reserve to the primary warehouse.


I have a client using Planning Contracts to do something very similar. You create a planning contract, tie it to a specific warehouse/bin, and put inventory into the bin. When you create the sales order you link it to the planning contract and it will automatically only allocate from that planning contract bin.

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Hello Jeff,
How are they managing to make the link between the sales order and the contract?
Also, have they been able to make it where its 1:1. a contract for a specific customer?

Hi Madelyn,

On the sales order release, there is a checkbox to indicate the release is linked to the contract. After checking the box you then enter (or search for) the contract ID.

The 1:1 relationship is currently done by business process/procedure, where the contract name refers to the customer or group and the salesperson knows to only choose contracts matching the customer. Not perfect but with good training it works. You could create a BPM to enforce it, having the customer number in a UD field on the contract and only allowing linking where the customer on the sales order matches the customer number in the UD field on the contract.

Hope this is helpful.


Hi Jeff,

Yes this is. Thank you very much!