Warehouse Teams


Is there a way of assigning the warehouse teams automatically depending on the transaction type i.e. a Picking/Packing Warehouse team always being assigned to STK-SHP transactions?

The only way I cant see it done at the moment is via Material Queue Manager but this just creates another job for us.

Also, is it possible to create additional transaction types?


You could always use a BPM to autoassign material queues to a certain team.

You might be able to add more transaction types through customizing the posting rules, but I would never recommend that.

Create Warehouse Team and select the required employee
Inventory Management -> Setup -> Warehouse team
Create Warehouse allocation template and assign the required warehouse team.
Inventory Management -> Setup -> Allocation template
From the fulfillment workbench select the required allocation template while allocating for picking.
Inventory Management -> General Operations -> Fullfillment


This seems like the simplest of methods however there is some user input in this process and I am trying to achieve a bit of automation so that when they are released for picking from the Fulfilment Workbench they automatically go to the correct team so the Material Queue Manager is taken out of the equation.


Thanks, i assumed a BPM was the way to go however after testing this out using the Material Queue BO and several of the methods (AutoSelectTransactions, GetList and Update), plus both Pre and Post Processing and none of them seem to change the Material Queue Manager WhseGroupCode field even though the BPM is a simple TransCode = expression, Condition = True and then set WhseGroupCode field to expression.

Please try with Data Directive.

Thank You, worked perfectly.