Weekly Feature Enhancement Requests

According to KB0035276 (you have to be logged into Epicare to view)

Marketing, support, and development staff throughout the year review enhancement requests. If enough customers request a particular change and it is in the best interest of a majority of users, it may be added to the standard system. Support is a way for you to communicate new enhancement requests and will submit them on your behalf, but plays no role in the enhancement approval process. The more customers who have called in or requested an enhancement request, the better it’s chance to be added to the standard system, but it still would need to be reviewed by the aforementioned group.

What do you guys think of a monthly/weekly poll to vote on existing Enhancement Requests and then everyone calls in to request it? This site is now up to 2970 users and that might make a difference.


I don’t know if we need a poll since there is already a voting function, but an organized call to action (see what I did there @Mark_Wonsil :wink: ) might be a good thorn/tool to move the needle on some of these things.

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I like the idea @John_Mitchell. I think to make it helpful to Epicor, maybe we vote to work on one and then hammer out a recommendation that includes all the relevant benefits for the greatest number because if we can’t come to a conclusion on what’s important, how can we expect Epicor to? :wink:

So do we take the one item with the most votes each week (or month) and submit the enhancement request via EpicCare? We could build the business case by distilling the associated comments we’ve all made on the voting page and then sign it “EpiUsers.help”…


Well, that’s just too logical. :joy: Seriously, great idea.

I think to get the biggest bang, each company would submit their own EpicCare ticket with the same request and that would get some attention.

We may want to have the users run through the list since I don’t think any one has more than 40 votes the last time I checked.

Maybe that’s the trigger for when we launch the assault. Once the request hits a certain number of votes, someone drafts the enhancement request, posts it, then everyone makes there own ticket with the same request. (maybe modified a little per company)

OR (hear me out) Epicor could just look at this list :wink:


It would be nice if we could do one enhancement request to Epicor based on votes and comments here. I suppose if we all have the same documentation as to why my case should become an enhancement we can skip some of the long process to show support this is an issue that needs to be submitted as an enhancement. Either way is good if it will help us collectively get enhancements looked at quicker.

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