Welcome aboard!

Hello P21 users, welcome to the community, feel free to ask questions, poke around, participate, comment or complain. We are ~3000 or so Epicor users and growing someone always has something to say though the majority of users are from ERP I’m sure there are plenty of opinions to be had.

Epicor also lurks these forums and participates actively, @Bart_Elia (Epicor Archictect extraordinaire) bows to spend all his free time answering any questions you may have.

All joking aside, we hope you will embrace the community and share freely! Introduce yourself and let the fun begin!

PS: Consultants and Partners are encouraged to participate actively but they are explicitly forbidden from harassing anyone, however they are more than welcome to show their worth and gain recognition as active members of the community!

PS: You can also email your topics (works like a mailing list)
To: forum+p21@e10help.com


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