Welcome our friends from P21

We just added P21 as a category on the site we are getting a few people wanting to participate from that group. So let’s welcome them with open arms.

NOTE if you do not want to see content from the P21 Category (or any other category for that matter) you can adjust your settings as demonstrated below

Navigate to your User Settings -> Notifications -> Categories
Add P21 (or whatever) to the Muted List and Click Save

However I would recommend you do not do this unless you feel it is necessary. The P21 category is small at the moment and even though you may not know the product they do share the ICE Framework and you will probably have some good insight anyways.



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Welcome, Prophets. :bowing_man::pray:


Welcome to the site P21 peeps, I met of few P21 users at Insights and hope you find EpiUsers as helpful as us E10 peeps.


Welcome aboard P21ers :slight_smile:

welcome P21 members, best of luck to all of you

Yeh, there is some functionality in Prophets that would be great in Epicor ERP…

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