Went live on SaaS/GovCloud - now CSV reports randomly not launching until Epicor restart

Over the last several weeks, the pattern has become clear: Reports outputting CSV will sometimes just sit in SysMon showing complete, but nothing happens until you close Epicor and re-open it. I’ve been made aware of it just a handful of times, so it’s not crippling or anything - just weird. Any ideas?

Are they BAQ reports?

No - Inventory WIP Reconciliation Report is the one that failed most recently.

If you open the System Monitor, do you see the report waiting? Is there an Error in the History tab?

If you click on the report in the System Monitor and press the Preview button, does it download?

Yes - report shows ‘complete’ in SysMon - no errors. Preview doesn’t work. When it behaves like this, you can stack up a few of them like this, and then once you close/re-open Epicor, they will all appear.

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Are you setting the archive to Day or more?

Normally, restarting the client is just restarting the System Monitor. Check in the even viewer to see of there are errors in the System Monitor. But usually Preview will work. :thinking:

The default archive is 2-4 hours I think. Pretty sure I’m the only one that sets it longer when I need to wrangle something. I’ll search event viewer next time I get a chance to catch one in the act… was really hoping this was a known issue. Have a ticket with Epicor also and we’re basically starting at square 1 troubleshoot. :unamused:

we have the same issue with quite a few of our reports, we’re public cloud, it’s intermittant.