What BAQ or Table(s) drives this standard crystal report?

Epicor 9.05.701

Epicor / Material Management / Purchase management / Reports / Open Purchase Orders

All I really need to know is what is the name of the BAQ or table(s) used for the above standard report in epicor.
(I’m looking to re-build it through SQL).

Thanks in advance.

Tables I use are:


These will give you open PO’s and line’s based on the poheader.openorder and podetail.openline. porel will give you the data regarding any received qty’s on the line and rcvdtl will pull through the pack note info, just make sure you get the joins correct.

You could also look at linking the vendor to the poheader to get supplier info too…

Hope this helps

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One thing to look out for is builtin reports that use views, or temp tables. These are typically ones that require some “processing” (like multiple iterations of table queries).

On more than one occasion, I’ve tried to add a field to a Report Data Definition(RDD), only to find out the “table” used to generate the report was built on the fly, and I couldn’t add columns to it. For those I ended up making a sub-report to pull in the columns I need (passing main report data as the parameters).