What could have been... RIP Insights 2020! Rehash your best of 2019 here

1 year ago today!



@rbucek - Looks like we were at the same party for a while !!!


good thing we had photographic evidence as we apparently killed too many brain cells to be useful for remembering :rofl: @josephmoeller aka the bomber in any photo last year

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Haha @rbucek - you guys know how to party!

I got my portrait sketched while there.

Good times!! Gutted that we can’t repeat it this year, bad times!

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Was looking forward to another epiusers.help meet up. It would have been another great year. I had one of our team members that had not been to insights before signed up for his first time attending this year. Better luck next time!

That was a fun autocorrect issue if anyone received that email. :roll_eyes::joy: