What credit card processor do you use other than PayPal?

what third party do you use for Epicor other than PayPal to process credit card transactions?
Anyone use or heard of EPX, if so pros and cons? looking to see if any other companies have lower rates than PayPal and take the fees out monthly not per transaction. We also need virtual terminal.

We use EPX. We purchased it through Epicor. The setup is really easy and work with the Epicor credit card module.


did they provide a demo video or how it works starting from lets say order entry to reconciling? We currently use PayPal and reconcile in epicor in a “fake bank”.
I’m trying to get more information on EPX for we are not 100% sold on it with the information they have given us.

We use Century Business Solutions EBizCharge. They have a tight integration into Epicor that does not require strict in-house PCI compliance, and it actually saved us transaction fees compared to our previous non-integrated processor WorldPay.


We use them as well, I haven’t heard any complaints. The respond quickly if you do need any help.

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I don’t think we ever got a demo of it. It was just rolled into our initial purchase of E10. So we didn’t have any expectations. I would request a demo of it though. We have run into some things about it we don’t like. But I’m not sure if that’s on the processor side or the Epicor credit card module.

Which Epicor version are you using? We have an integration into Epicor 10 that provides level 2/3 for the purchasing, corporate and business cards. Happy to chat if you wish?

we asked for a demo of some sort and they stated they didn’t have one. If you don’t mind me asking what were some things you don’t like?

I’ve heard of them and seen demo videos i’m going to look more into it. We are trying to see if EPX will connect with our website so all online orders go directly thru Epicor where as right now its all outside the system in Paypal for online orders. EPX rates were a little lower than Paypal but its hard to go all in if you cant see any example of how it works compared to what we are doing now.

Epicor 10.2!

do have a virtual terminal?

We use Epicors cloud offering - each PC has the smart client installed. All credit cart processing and storage happens on servers outside of our control so we did not have to use a virtual terminal for PCI compliance. I think there was something we could do to get a slightly better rating but I don’t remember what it was, our main goal was for someone else to be responsible and we achieved that.

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@Evan - do you also use the web portal for the customers to pay you without giving you their CC info?

And has anyone used Advancedware’s CC solution?

@MikeGross, turns out we do. I know very little about it though. I can ask those in the know to see what they think.

Yep, we send them a link so we never have to handle the CC info.

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The card authorization process isn’t great. It doesn’t have any status as if the card has been authorized. There is a log but it’s not on the main card entry screen. We’ve ran into cases of cards being authorized more than once.

Another issue is how charges are processes. Customers end up with two charges for an order. One charge for the actual order then an additional charge for shipping. There isn’t an option to combine them. Not a huge deal for some customers but some really don’t like the two separate charges.

Some other issues include no receipt function and no option to combine multiple orders.

@anon31358647 - if you wouldn’t mind. I’ve got very little on AW, so I’m just looking for some feedback.

Is that just EBizCharge?

Ah, sorry, I was just clarifying we use Century Business Solutions EBizCharge with Epicors Cloud offering - we don’t host our own Epicor locally.

Gotcha. Thanks!