What is the difference between the JCSyst and PartPlant Forecast settings

Hey Everyone, I’ve been reading your posts for 9 months or so, and now I have a question of my own.

What is the difference between the Days Before / Days After settings found on the Site Config Level and the Part Plant Level?

For example, our Site Config level has a settings (found on Company Config>Producti0n>MRP) for:

  • JCSyst.ForecastDaysBefore = 0
  • JCSyst.ForecastDaysAfter = 30

But I just noticed that one of our top level assemblies, which has forecast data, has the following settings (found on Parton the Part>Sites>Detail>Planning) for:

  • PartPlant.ForecastDaysBefore = 0
  • PartPlant.ForecastDaysAfter = 0

Is the Config level for setting a system wide value, but the Part Plant level allowing custom forecasting configuration for that specific part at that specific site? When I look up the part in Forecast Entry, the Days Before and Days After values shown reflect the settings in the Site Config level, NOT the Part Plant level.

Thanks in advance for your help.


@Simon_at_VikingWest Welcome There are a couple of guides on EpicWeb that address the hierarchy of those and yes it does flow like that, but there are also some other things in play. MRP guides are always great reading. :slight_smile:

Login to EpicWeb then navigate to user guides under the just the major release
From 23.1
From 23.2



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Thank you Greg for your insight. I found the answer on the bottom of page 523 of the Full User Guide.

In short, there are 3 places to control Days Before Days After settings for parts.

  1. Site Config Level found on Company Config>Production>MRP
  2. Part Plant Level found on Part>Sites>Detail>Planning
  3. Part Plant Advanced Planning found on Part>Sites>Detail>Advanced Planning Planning>Detail.

The manual states that “If the value in this field (Simon’s notes, this field is location 2, or Part Plant Planning level) is zero then Kinetic considers the Day After value set in the Company Configuration app”. So my guess on how this works was correct. The default value for Days Before / Days After is the one set at the Config level. However if you have some reason to customize your forecast on a specific part, you can by adjusting these values. If you want the Config Level to be in control, then set these values to 0.

With respect to location 3, the manual says this “The setting on this card relates to parts that hold attributes (Advanced Unit Of Measure), but the concept is the same” . I have not used this feature before. On page 526 of the manual it says this about Advanced Planning “Use the Advanced Planning card to set up the planning parameters for the ‘Material Requirement Process’ for individual attributes that belong to the ‘Dynamic Attribute Class’ you link to a part.” I’m guessing that Advanced Planning allows a 3rd way of adjusting forecasts, that being by special “classes” of parts. This is a little bit beyond what we need at the moment, (Location 1 and 2 are enough for us at the moment) but I can understand that it would be useful for more complex businesses.