What is the latest Operating system someone is using to run Epicor 9.05.700C Progress

Hi all, We are wanting to upgrade our E9 server to try to get some speed improvement from the better processors and upgraded everything. I was told to stick with the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system when doing this. Has anyone had any luck with a more up-to-date operating system and running an Epicor Progress 64-bit database? We are only doing this because our current server is 6-7 years old and we are just beginning the process to upgrade to E10. Our President would like to see if a new server would give us some relief from the slowness while we make our trek to E10. Please let me know your thoughts and\or suggestions.


Jill Schoedel

Hey Jill!

A couple of thoughts:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 is now officially not supported (only in Azure but not for an indefinite amount of time).

  • You could buy a beefy server(s) and use virtualization to keep the server exactly the same but run it on a faster machine. You could also put your E10 and testing on that machine/cluster as well.

Mark W.

Have you done this before? This is what we were originally thinking but didn’t know if there would be any performance loss with putting E9 as is in a Hyper-V VM. Let me know.



You bet. That’s what we did for our E9 in a previous life. The new machine was waaaay faster than the one it replaced. The speed was great.

Also, all of Epicor SaaS runs on VMs. But in the cloud you can scale up a server if it’s too slow. :wink:

Have to say that’s what we did in a previous life also, VM host machines ran NVME SSD as well. Performance improved, the flexibility was very handy.

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We did virtualize our E9 on the same hardware, no performance change observed while maintenance and testing is a lot easier