What to do with Clearing Account $$$

On my way to Tijuana so don't have time to go into full detail but...

You may want to look at PO misc. charges entered at the line level vs. the
header level. Was an issue for us.

Mike Lowe
Connor Manufacturing Services de Mexico

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Subject: RE: [Vantage] What to do with Clearing Account $$$
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We DO use part classes with all PO items (at least their suppose to??).
Yes, we use the inventory module post to G/L option.
I will investigate the PO part class thing and see where it takes me. The
problem we have with the entries already in the clearing account is the
apparent lack of a good trail as to where they came from.

Darren Mann
Miller Products Co.

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You should not have any balance in the clearing account.

I have a lot of items clear through the account when posting my bank
reconciliation but the ending balance is zero.

Are you posting the Inventory Module? If so, your problem would suggest
that Parts/PO's are being setup without a Part Class. When you do this the
receipt transaction is posted to the suspense account.

To fix this you need to set up and use part classes and create reclass
entries for the items already in the suspense account.

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