Where are the Answerbooks on EpicWeb?

Another post stated

You can get the Answerbook - “BAQ Example of CTE using Menu Hierarchy”

Spent a lot of time on EpicWeb searching for this (or any “Answerbook” or “Answer book”), and found nothing.

Where are these magic beasts accessed?

Help in Epicor has a CTE example for Multi Level BOM (Standard Epicor Help)

I just found an example in ICE Tools UG_3140 as well.

Are the Answerbooks extinct?

Look in the EpicCare Knowledge Base. I think they’re all in there.

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What Mark said!!

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They are on the left menu of epicweb along with Tips and CRs. I did a search for mrp and got a lot more results from the old way than from the knowledge base, so they must still be building it.



That one comes up in answerbooks and kb when you search for cte baq

Tabs are meant to be closed Mark.

I believe in an open Internet. :wink:

Except… I’m wondering if parts were lost in translation?
e.g. Project Costs Fields definition - KB0046414.
It is listed BUT… the document appears to be blank on my system (IE11)?

Also, I personally miss the ability to specify filters of EpicWeb.
(which seems like a trend on web sites these days), general key word searching with limited/no additional filtering)?

It is blank for me also. I was able to find the original using search tips in Epicweb for all Project Costs Fields definition. Tech Tip 20370ESC It has this at the bottom, so it was supposed to be transfered.


I was able to find some old stuff but… not 20370ESC.
Wondering what search criteria you used, Platform, etc…?

Here is what I used.

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Or this link after loggin into epicare