Where are the change logs stored, or how can I view the raw data?

We have data directives on several tables to log various changes. However, I am having trouble figuring out where the changes are actually stored. I tried looking at the database via a read-only client. I see various things which appear to be triggers with names like “Erp.TR_{Table}_ChangeCapture”, but I am unable to look at them to see what tables they are inserted changes to. I also see tables with names like “IM.IMGlb{Table}” and “IM.IM{Table}” but they are all empty when the change log report is reporting changes have been made.

I found a report called “Change Log Report”. But when I print the report, it does not print enough fields for the report to make sense. As an example, in PriceLstParts I create a change log to record ListCode, PartNum, BasePrice, QtyBreak1, UnitPrice1, and CommentText. But the report unhelpfully contains entries like “New Record” (What was the new record?), and “Unit Price: 100.00 -> 101.01”

We need a lot more information for the change logs to be useful. For instance, in the case of price lists, we need to know which price list the record was in, as well as which part number was involved and which quantity break. How can I get this information?

Ice.ChgLog is where the raw data for the report comes from. If you know the report style you are running you can use the report style maintenance form to find the Data Defintion, from there open up the report data definition form and load that definition and that will generally give you a decent idea of where the data is coming from. It is not foolproof by any means but handy.

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Thanks! I see most of the fields in the Key2 field, separated by tildes. Am I suppose to see all logged fields there? I am have checked 6 fields to log, but only see 4.

I am hoping someone else can answer that. I’m not sure how it rights out the records. I do not want to guess and get it wrong.

It all depends of the table your are looking at. For instance, for part table, Key2 and Key1 are the same with the partnum. The fields modified are in the LogText. And only the modified ones. You selected 20 fields to follow, and 2 get changed, you will see only 2 in the logtext.


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