Where do I save my customizations?

I am going through the embedded education “Advanced BPM Course”. I am going through the External Method section. One of the steps is to save the c sharp file it generates to “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ERP10\Server\Customization\Externals”. This location doesn’t exist. I can navigate up to “wwwrooot”. The ERP10 folder doesn’t exist. I have, however, found a “Server” folder in a different area but it is zipped so I cannot create new folders either. Is everyone’s setup different or should this exist somewhere?

This becomes an issue when trying to use the customization. The system cannot find the library created and the browse option is not available.

That is referring to the folder (on your Epicor server) where the Application Server files are located. C:\inetpub\www is the default location, but it depends on what was used when the Application Server was created. ERP10 would be the name of the Application Server. Again, your name would have been specified at the time the App Server was created.

Looks like our server is on the E drive but the server folder itself is zipped. Would unzipping it, adding the files and folders, then re-zipping it cause any harm? We are still in the implementation stage.

If it is a ZIP file, those are not the actual server files. You can find the actual location in the Epicor Administration Console (Application Server Configuration tool), or in the IIS Manager.

Admin Console / Application Server Configuration



Thank you for the know how. I was able to find it very quickly. I never thought to look under the Websites folder.

We export our customisations and save them with our version control just to be super sure!

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