Where do the "address verification" fields come from?

A user reported seeing the message “User Authentication Failed” when attempting to charge a customer’s credit card. This led me to something that may or may not be the cause of the error message, but I’d like to know the answer either way.

When you check the Credit Card Order checkbox in the Order Entry | Header | Credit Card tab (OrderHed.CreditCardOrder), it populates fields like OrderHed.CCZip, which are displayed in a box called Address Verification.

Where are these fields populated from? When we update a customer’s billing address, their old address keeps showing up in these OrderHed.CC* fields.

If I remember it find the last successful Credit Card transaction and uses its details.

Table: Erp.CreditTran

I guess there could be a use case for the address associated with a credit card being independent from the customer’s billing address. The problem is that the OrderHed.CC* fields aren’t editable in Order Entry, so the address of the first successful transaction becomes permanently associated with the card. Hopefully the solution is as simple as customizing the fields to be editable.

Well if you have another successful transaction it should be the new address going forward… Remember it grabs the Last aka “Most Current” succesful transaction.

Same goes if their card expires… just on the next order, use the new card details and problem solved.

Some Random Notes I have from the past… so if you are maybe using a PayGate / DMS – you might need to fix it there perhaps.

  1. for new fields if Credit Card is enabled and CRE Server is enabled CCCity and CCState should be enabled, also Card Name is enabled.

  2. If Server is DMS fields will be disabled and CCAddress and CCZip will be enabled only when credit card is selected.

  3. Handles the response from the PayGateHost.dll and saves the information returned in the fields needed.

See if you find anything in Credit Card Configuration

The Catch-22 is that if the customer’s billing ZIP changed, you won’t have another successful transaction. The address from the last successful transaction will be declined, and you can’t edit the field to run a transaction with the new ZIP. (That’s assuming the CC* fields are what is sent to the gateway. That’s my doubt about whether this has something to do with the error message that was reported.)

What if you go to Cash Receipt Entry and process it there… I wonder if those fields are enabled.

Then that would be the next Success.

I do see the reason, you dont want Order Entry folks to change values for the Customer… that would be a SOX Violation… But the Person receiving cash via Cash Receipt Entry, probably can overwrite those fields… Maybe make a Deposit to the SO.

So if a customer calls and says, “here’s my credit card number and ZIP”, the CSR can handle it. But if a customer calls and says, “same card as last time, but my ZIP changed” (which would be verified by the gateway), the CSR can’t do it for legal reasons?

I already call myself a Git lawyer. I hate it when programmers have to be actual lawyers. :crazy_face:

I guess :slight_smile: Because ultimately to process a Card you only need the Zip – and card number, 3 digits, first name last name… the Address is not required, neither is the city or state. But for some reason we still collect it.

Unless you simply have to go to Order Entry and does the Credit Card button let you enter brand new CC info in?

Its not an edit, but start with all the info again?

That button only allows input of a new card number and expiration. The CCZip field does not change.

Lets see what the official Epicor Response is…


Unable to change credit card address in Order Entry since it is grayed out.


Go to Credit card configuration and check the “Use Address Verification”.
Go back to Order entry, and the address filed will be available to change.


Use Address Verification:

Indicates whether you want to move the Street Address and Postal Code for the credit card transaction into the Street and Zip fields for the credit card processor.

When you select this check box, you activate the address verification fields (Street Address and Postal Code) on the Order Entry - Credit Card sheet. Users can then enter information in these fields.Knowledge Page - EpicCare.pdf (107.8 KB)

If you go to Credit Card Configuration and set Address Validation checkbox to true… it allows Order Address, ZIP to change… Try that.

Checked the box in Credit Card Configuration and saved. Created a new test order to make sure the old one wasn’t carrying any old settings. No difference. The street address and postal code remain un-editable and are still populated with the old, incorrect ZIP. The city and state are editable, but they always were. The same fields are editable or not in Cash Receipt Entry.

Weird maybe ask Epicor – the KB Article they wrote like 8 days ago… unless its for Epicor 700…

Here is the link for reference you can give them…


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Did you also restart the Order Entry screen… I wonder if it detects it on form launch.

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Restarting Order Entry didn’t help. I’ll follow up with Epicor. I’m on an ancient version, so maybe this was a half-implemented feature that was completed in 700.

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Let us know when you find the solution for older versions. Maybe they will just say you need an Updatable Dashboard – or throw in a RowRule on the Form Customizations and override the Disabled Flag.