Where the entity framework .dlls for E10 are stored?

Hi, Can anyone tell me where the entity framework .dlls for E10 are stored?

In other words we would like to include the Epicor data context in our custom project to read (not write to) Epicor tables. (Instead of going to the work of creating our own entity framework data context)

Thanks in advance!


This is generally not a good idea, what is the end goal?

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You don’t need to do this. Just use ADO.Net and it will map the schema over for you. I have done that for many Visual Studio projects.

When I am using the wizard for creating an ado.net entity model to my epicor data, I get to the last step and hit finish and then it just hangs and eventually crashes visual studio. Any ideas of why this may be happening?

Are you selecting ALL the tables? Its a beast…

No, just maybe one or two

it never does create the model

when I connect to my old Erp database on a deferent server, it works just fine. Could I be missing something somewhare?