Where to find Tax Connect Enabled Epibinding Field Name

Can anyone point me in the direction to locate this fields EpiBinding field name?

Do a trace when you turn it on / off it should tell you what field gets updated.

How about this?

I found that one, but I was trying to control specific orders to use tax connect or not. I submitted a case and Epicor said that field is not a true indicator that the tax connect is enabled so I’m dead in the water until I can figure something else out. Thanks for your help.

Assuming Kinetic works the same as E10 - If the ReadyToProcess field is not checked, then it won’t send it to Avalara (Tax Connect).

This flag will be used to indicate if the order is ready for calculations. When set to true, tax calculations will take place whenever a save takes place for any tables tied to the order which could affect taxes (OrderDtl, OrderHed, OrderMisc, etc). It defaults from XASyst.SOReadyToCalcDflt field when an order is created.


@Tparson I agree with @askulte , and you set up the few transactions in Company Config as to whether that box is defaulted to true/false and a few variations on that.

In addition, only AR Invoices are recorded in Tax Connect after they are posted. Using Tax Connect at Order Entry is just to get the tax calculation amount.

Are you trying to control your ‘transaction count’ to keep costs down? Then I would write a BPM to prevent the checkbox and/or Action menu action from firing if the order meets certain criteria.

We are currently in the process of connecting Shopify (our ecommerce site) to Epicor so that orders are automatically created in Epicor. I didn’t want the taxes to be calculated in Epicor because that is already being done in Shopify. But I was hoping to have the taxes show on the orders so our accounting department could reconcile. After some thought I think I’m going to use tax liability to avoid having those orders processed through Tax Connect. (Avalara) There won’t be any taxes on the orders but I can write a BPM to find orders with that tax liability code so accounting can identify the sales dollars and reconcile that way.
Thanks for all the great information, I really appreciate it.

@Tparson Good Idea - Now I remember my TC person saying we could set a tax code that TC would effectively ignore, so that would work nicely for you.