Where Used Shows Past Revisions

In the Where Used slide out panel on Part/Part Tracker. I am trying to make it so that only current revisions are shown. For example, Part A was used in Part B rev 2, but the current revision Part B rev 3 no longer uses Part A. I would like for Where Used to not show Part B rev 2 when searching for where Part A is being used. Has anyone successfully filtered the Where Used panel?

My first thought is that I’m assuming the stock “Where Used” utilizes one of the zWhereUsed BAQs… there are several iterations.

You could probably create your own and put a criteria on the PartRev table in the BAQ where Approved = True… ?? Not sure if you’re un-approving old revisions?

Otherwise you could do it based on max effective date?? or some other criteria. This would filter it down.

Then you’d have to customize the page to reference YOUR BAQ instead of the stock zWhereUsed. There’s a lot of track-up / track-down functionality in there… so… you’d probably have to review all of that and potentially create a series of new BAQ’s.

My second thought (which may be easier??) is perhaps… you could try over-riding the stock events in application studio and filter the rest-erp events and add a where clause THERE to only return approved revs?

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Your second option is what I’m currently attempting. Was hoping there was a simpler way :laughing:

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Yeah, I hear you. Neither approach sounded all that fun to attempt. :face_vomiting:

You know, I was thinking last night… it would be nice if you could just create a new VIEW on the Where Used grid that would hit the DataView and filter out rows where Approved = false?

… but I came in this morning and checked and “Approved” isn’t an available column. They’re just using the stock GetPartWhereUsed BO and the DataView is pretty limited. Perhaps you could add some columns to that call via code and then you’d just have to create a new grid View.

Again, not overly simple, but another potential route to take?

Yes, was actually about to come here to say this, PartSvc.GetWhereUsed does not include any way to filter to approved revisions. I was going to attempt using a BAQ.

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