Which approved vendor does PO suggestions use when the Part Plant preferred vendor is blank?

Does anyone know in V9, which approved vendor Epicor uses when the PartPlant record for the Part does not call out a vendor?

If I have 10 approved suppliers with purchase history, which would it choose?

John Gillenwater

If there is no value in PartPlant, then the PO Suggestion will have no value either and it will have to be entered manually.

It will default to the supplier price list record as well, but if there is multiples I am not sure what it will use.

Hello Ernie,
Thanks for the reply. We have some blanks where we have a vendor called out and some with no vendor and it picks a vendor.

Makes me wonder if some other settings are causing this to happen. The quantities are correct, just not always the correct or no vendor on the suggestion.

I forgot about Supplier Price List, there are also Vendors on Operations so if it’s a subcontract op it will pull the vendor from the Operation Master. There could also be a BPM on the SugPODtl table.

One thing I did notice was the “Allow Consumption of Minimum Qty” is checked on the Plant screen. According to the documentation, that does some things with lead times and urgent planning. However, we don’t have any vendors specified on the Urgent Planning section of the Part Plant screen.

We have part entry folks input the vendor in both the normal planning area and urgent planning area and also use Allow consumption min on hand. We see the vendor assignment on the PO suggestions for both normal and urgent purchases. I think you got it right… test that urgent vendor assignment and see if it pulls through.


Thanks Nancy. We’ll give it a test.