Why am I getting Multiple releases on a po for same order by and due by dates

I am Trying to refine our PO suggestions, And have been for quite some time. I feel I am close, But I am struggling to figure out why I get a suggestion for the same part, 2 times, with the same order by and due by dates. Why does it not simply combine them?

My days of supply is set to 30, I don’t have anything in lot sizing. I have not found the right area to stop this from happening…


I am no expert on this, but at what date does your time phase go below 1?

this is a better full view. 4/19 it goes negative. (again)

I have tried regening MRP multiple times also, just to throw that out there. I have looked at a few other parts with the same issue, and I am starting to think that it makes a release for getting back to min, but then another release for what needs to go to jobs. The thing I find weird is this is not a buy direct part. It is pull from stock. So it should just combine the release.

That’s what I was going to say. Are these jobs that are listed MRP jobs? Or are they in production?

The 20 day lead time is definitely working, but I would think if you ran an MRP right now it would say you need to order the 1 at least to get it in 10 days past the point of going under minimum.

These are all in production jobs that were created by MRP. I would agree that the amount I need is not wrong, I just don’t get why it doesn’t simply combine the releases when they’re identical. Ultimately we are going to do that anyway when we make this po, but it is odd it is not doing it now… The screen shot above was taken right after a full MRP regen. And it didn’t change it.

I think the suggestion for 1 is the Days of Supply amount away from when you go below minimum. If you change the DoS to 35 I wonder if it would combine it … or maybe enter something into your safety stock to see if it plans differently.

@recelect There is a feature that we use to actually do this. On part class is Split PO line. If the material comment is different there will be a suggestion for each. Check on Part Class entry if this is checked.

From Field help
Split PO Line

Indicates that purchase suggestions for part records with unique Purchasing comments should generate a different purchase order line for each part entry.

Example: Part DSS-1000 is requested by two different operation lines on a job. If this check box is selected and the Purchasing comments are different for each operation line, the parts are kept as two different purchase order suggestions. If the check box is cleared, the parts would be combined into a single purchase order suggestion.

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You have to put values in Min Order quantity and lot multiple for it to work properly. Without any numbers there it will create a release for every single demand line.

Vinay Kamboj

so I can make that happen on alot of parts, BUT sometimes that is not realistic at all, and honestly I thought days of supply would take care of that. It kinda does, but maybe it changes the releases based on type of demand? so job demands create a release, and below min creates a release?

Min levels and multiples simply do not work for us as we do not want alot of stock of certain parts. many of these are buy to job, but I cannot mark them as such because I need them to sit in inventory to wait on the job to be available to work.

checked this, it is not checked on any part class. Do you think it would be related to TYPE of demand? Job vs Below stock min? kind a dumb way to do it and it drives both our purchaser and vendor nuts.

It’s because your jobs are farther apart than your days of supply. You have 30 days of supply, and the last job that goes on the first suggestion is more than 30 days before next job. So if you were really worried about expensive parts sitting on the shelf, you would separate the PO’s so that you didn’t have to buy the last one until you needed it on the job. I think that the order that things are displayed is wonky because things got pushed to the same day, but they wouldn’t have the same delivery date on the PO.

Days of supply is only to look up the demand for that many days in the future. It does not do a total, which is based on order quantity. You do not have to put anything in min stock on hand. Just put something in min order quantity and multiple. So it will work like this. If the min order quantity is 10 and multiple is 2 then if demand for next 30 days is say 8, then a PO with one release of 10 will be created. If the demand is 11 then a PO with one release of 12 will be created. If there is no demand then no PO will be created, unless you want a minimum stock in hand at all times. Then you would have to put a value in Min Stock.

Vinay Kamboj

i would agree, except the po does write the same way for both releases. order by date 1/1/2021, due date 2/1/2021. It is not pushing the second release at all so vendors get all confused, “why do you have the same due date?”. This isn’t just on 1 part, it is on a bunch.

Yeah, and it’s letting you go below zero. You should run PO suggestions with logging for just that part and see what’s happening. It’s like it is failing to reschedule the PO. Or doing it poorly.

i get how that works, I just can’t have parts ordering more then i need for 50% of our jobs. If it was that simple, this would be easy.

Parts I use are based on job demand, and that job demand changes significantly based on the need that month. They are often 8 week lead time parts, and shipping them is much better when they are all together over that 30 day period. The problem is, If i set a multiple for a vehicle specific center console, I could sit on that additional console for years, because next month i might be working on Tahoe’s instead of explorers and the month after we are working on f150s. That process simply does not work for a large portion of our parts.

This issue is simply why i get suggestions that is required to order and be here at the same exact time bu t for 2 releases. Why does it not combine them so I do not have to do it manually.

@recelect I would also look at the log to see why the suggestion date is 5/4 when you go below the min of 1 on 4/8. I think that is the bigger problem than the two suggestions.

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Dumb question, ran it with logging, where the heck do i find the log? On Cloud

Since you are cloud, I would say this is the best way. I believe it’s under Company\Log\UserName