Why does DMT care what site I am in in Epicor?

In regular Epicor (not DMT), I am logged into the MfgSys site.

If I try to DMT some inventory transfers for a different site/plant (PDC), it errors out with “There are no warehouses left…”

But if in regular Epicor I log into that site, the DMT works.


Oh, and I know some of the bins are blank. I get why those fail.

I think DMT assumes the last site you were last logged into. To get around this, I believe you can just add Plant as the first field to the DMT file

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So… the second column isn’t enough?

Sorry but I didn’t notice your screen shot… I would guess that is enough

To get around the last logged into site, create users like DMT_Site1 and DMT_Site2 that only have access to that specific site and use those users to log into DMT.

Yeah…that’s a thought. Kind of a pain with SSO. I mean, I have a non-SSO instance, but even in separate client install folders, the DMT still likes to single-sign-in anyway to the SSO instance (as me).

Also, it’s not every DMT. Some of them respect the Plant column. But inventory transfer does not.

DMT really should just have a site switcher in the application, but it doesn’t so its just a pain in the rear

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Did you try using the FromPlant and ToPlant fields (see the Template Builder for descriptions)

Interesting. I’ll have to try that next time.

I’ve witnessed it before. Since it’s using the business logic - which I assume checks the current site - things that you couldn’t do without being in that site, would fail.

I mean I can’t even look at a Packer created in another site, with the Cust Shipment Tracker.

Yeah, and while that is mighty annoying, I can at least customize my tiles to open in a specific site. Can’t do that with DMT.

Of course, it’s not like I want to make a version of every tile for every site. I think you had a post about that a while back, choosing open-with for a specific site, or something.


I have not had a chance to try the inventory transfer trick yet. I am eager to do so, but no opportunities yet.

Today I was trying to upload labor (TE Labor Detail No Header) and got the error - technically, “Resource Group not valid for the Site.”

Unfortunately, a search on Plant in the template builder doesn’t turn up much of anything.

I’m not even in Epicor in Production right now. Ugh.This is really frustrating.

And here’s a fun one I just found. I used DMT to make 330 customer shipment headers. Apparently I was logged into the other site. Can I change the Plant on those shippers? Nope. Can I add lines for a different site? Nope. So I’ll have to delete them all and try again.

I don’t know if I could have loaded these into the other site the first time, but if so, I sure wish Plant was required.