Will SQL import with SysRevID and SysRowID mess anything up?

We are in the process of upgrading to E10. We have many custom reports that need to be set to default, which when done manually stores the data in Ice.ReportDefaultStyle.

Question: After I complete this manual process, will it mess up the system to export, then import this table into the live environment to set all of the default report styles with one update?

My main concern is this: Are these SysRevID and SysRowID fields (the ones in the Ice.ReportDefaultStyle table) used anywhere else in the database (e.g. are they foreign keys in some way?).

Thank you.


Import all the columns except for the SysRevID and SysRowID, and let the DB assign those two columns. I don’t see any _UD Report Tables in our DB, so the SysRowID shouldn’t present any foreign key issues.

Assuming you also import the Report and ReportStyle Tables along with ReportDefaultStyle, the lookups should find their matches.

If you have any entries in ReportStyleRule ( we don’t ) then import that as well. Also import ReportType if you’ve added any entries to that Table.

Ken Brunelli

Yikes. Don’t update SQL directly! Solution manager can copy this for you.


I’d love to use Solution Manager, but it doesn’t import/export information on the “default” report style. After importing dozens of custom reports through Solution Manager, I then have to go in and edit each one in Report Styles to set it as default.

Unless I am missing something… ???

Hmmm… I guess I never noticed that not being set. Please issue a Support ticket for that missing item. You could potentially use a BPM that set the default to the highest value StyleNum.

For those interested, here is a working example of the SQL needed to mass set the default style for various custom reports. Note: DEFAULT in MSSQL sets the SysRevID and SysRowID.

INSERT INTO [EpicorERPPilot].[Ice].[ReportDefaultStyle]
VALUES ('ARForm', 'COMPANY', '1003', '0', DEFAULT, DEFAULT),
('CustSt', 'COMPANY', '1005', '0', DEFAULT, DEFAULT),
('EmpBadge', 'COMPANY', '1002', '0', DEFAULT, DEFAULT),
('ShopLoadReport', 'COMPANY', '1001', '0', DEFAULT, DEFAULT)

Please log a ticket - quick glance showed that the ‘default’ is Exported - but not Imported.

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