Win10's Windows Explorer's Search function

Anyone know the ins-and-outs of the Search: box in windows explorer in Win 10?

I knew I had a file with “Upgrade” in the file name (#1 in pict below), but using the windows search (#2) in explorer wouldn’t find it. I think because it is not separated by spaces.

*upgrade* and *upgrade*.pdf both come up empty.

Even more surprisingly, entering the complete file name (with or without the extension), fails:


As does using the name filter:
(it also says no files found).

Does *Update* find it?


I think it might be a security settings issue, as It doesn’t find anything in that folder. The parent folder (whose files do appear in the search) has a security that includes “Everyone”

So I’m thinking that the search indexer just isn’t allowed to see that folders contents.

I’m going to change the security and then give the indexer time to crawl those “newly indexable” folders

I’ve had trouble with network shares too, not sure if that folder is local or not.

It’s “kind of” a network share. Its a sub-folder of my Google Drive. So it does physically exist on my C: drive. And happens to be scanned by Google Backup & Sync, for synching with the copy on the cloud

If you look at the Indexing Options typically it is set atleast for me not to index the C: Drive.

So in order for the Search to work properly, you would have to go to Folder Options and set:


I think

Possibly rebuilding the Windows Search index
or worse, try a new Windows profile
I’ve run into a few issues with Win10 profile corruption - where just a few, minor things don’t work as expected - but drive the users crazy.

After updating the security settings on the folders, Explorer’s search now finds it.

And I don’t care that the search word (“upgrade”) isn’t highlighted in the file name.

FWIW Windows Search always sucks
I use
It’s amazing super fast and light weight


I use something similar

Both probably better than…

win+R cmd<enter> cd\<enter> dir *upgrade*.* /s<enter>