Windows 10 Hosted App Model

The most interesting part to me:

We are working with the new Microsoft Edge browser to take advantage of the Hosted App Model for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) – converting the web app manifest into an app manifest, package the additional web content into an MSIX package and register it. In this model, a PWA is its own independent app registered to the system even though it is being hosted by Edge.

Can a shared, system-wide Electron runtime be far behind?

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@hasokeric Aren’t they going to sandbox all of the apps eventually and if so wouldn’t you still need a separate container for each Electron app anyway?

I also think Electron is just a short term solution until Web Assembly takes off. Of course the internet is lined with people calling for the death of JS and every single one has been wrong so far…

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I’m a newbie here. I even didn’t use this kind of app yet. Can you please give me some more details?

It’s coming in Windows 10 version 2004. I haven’t seen any details other than the Windows blog article that Haso posted.

oh, okey! Thanks.