WIP Report as Dashboard?

Does anyone have the WIP Report as a Dashboard that they dont mind sharing?

We would interested in this also.

I’ve been tasked with trying to create this as well. The problem is I don’t even really know where to start.

I think I could sum up the material values by the part tran table.Then I could sum up the labor values by the labor detail table. Then Filter out anything that has already shipped and total up the dollar amount.

That would give a dollar amount total, but I have no idea how to tie that to the GL accounts…

Anyone out there familiar with the GL tables that could help with that?

I have tried two different ways. The part wip table didn’t seem to be very
true to reality.

The second way was to go after the job wip based on the job header wip
cleared checkbox. This has proven to be more accurate.



I have created a crystal report for WIP report, not a dashboard.

I used Jobhead.WipCleared = False
Link JobAssembly to JobHead and get the actual costs (mtl, labor, burden , subcontract) from JobAssembly table. - ("TLAmaterial, TLALabor, etc) for top level and if you have another assembly, then LLAmaterial, LLALabor, etc. TLA = This Level Actual cost, LLA = Lower Level Actual Cost

Link PartTran to JobHead but outerjoin. Filter PartTran for transactions Types = [‘MFG-CUS’, ‘MFG-STK’, MFG-WIP’] and get the costs from parttran table. (uses your costing method of standard, average etc whatever is company setup).

If Jobhead.Closed = True, then Actual cost from JobAssembly minus PartTran cost would go to variance. If Jobhead.Closed = False, then that’s your WIP Amount.

Just circulating around to this topic. Did anyone have a dashboard created?

I created an SSRS report to keep track of our WIP, I get the amount of pcs confirmed, also if there are pcs in an outside process, if there are any non conformance, on DMR or scrapped.

Thanks to althomas

Here’s my version of the dashboard, if it can helps somebody. WIP-Dashboard.dbd (147.3 KB)

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