WIP Report - TWIP Dataset

I am looking at the WIP Report and am able to identify how some of the data is obtained, and the calculations used, etc. However, the “To Inventory/To Job” and “COS/MFG-VAR” rows are eluding me.

I have looked in the PartTran, JobHead, JobOper, JobOpDtl, LaborDtl, and PartWIP and analyzed the data using the Pandas library in Python, performed hundreds of calculations, and have come up dry each time.

Does anyone know how the values in the red boxes below are calculated?


I start with JobAsmbl TLA and LLA values for labor, material, burden. That is the To Date.

Then take the PartTran MFG- transactions MFG-CUS, MFG-STK, MFG-WIP reduce the To Date to come up with current wip, so that is the To Inventory/to Job

I do not calculate the MFG-VAR in this dashboard, but do in a margin one and that would be any costs added to the job after the last receipt or shipment is done.

It is not perfect, but within a couple of thousand on 5-6 million in wip and I know the jobs that have the odd situations, I just not had time to dig into the -24.19 you have in the burden column.

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