WIP-WIP logged anywhere

I don’t believe there is, but does anyone know if WIP-WIP transactions are logged anywhere like normal PartTran transactions are? When you move WIP with AMM it still goes through the IssueReturn BO and PerformMaterialMovement method but as a WIP-WIP transaction. Nothing in PartTran for them.


Try searching for MFG-WIP transactions. I’ve never seen WIP-WIP in PartTran but I do know the MFG-WIP is used for issuing from one job to another so it might be what you’re looking for.

I’m looking specifically for WIP-WIP ultimately we have worked around it with some BPMs as sadly it doesn’t look like it’s supported otherwise. Epicor appears to perform WIP-WIP the same as all other transactions except they don’t create the PartTran record.

Curious what that Method is actually doing with this.
Might not help you much but it would be interesting to setup a SQL Profiler Trace when you run this transaction to see what SQL is actually executed. I wonder if they are just using the transaction data to clear PartWip or something.

Is it possible that since WIP-WIP is a non-inventory part tran, and the debit and credit would go to the same account (for a “null” GL transaction), it just doesn’t create a part tran record? Like how zero dollar items don’t create GL transactions.

@Rick_Bird correct they are simply doing an update on PartWip changing the BinNum field and that’s it. The source is about 5 lines long for WIP-WIP
The transactions that call this same method are DMR-ASM, DMR-MTL, DRM-SUB, INS-ASM, INS-SUB, MFG-OPR, MTL-MTL, and PUR-SUB if anyone is interested lol.

@ckrusen you are also correct that is likely why they don’t record it however if you search your DB for PartTran records where ExtCost = 0, InventoryTrans = false, and GLTrans = false (resulting in no GL impact in the end) you’ll find other transactions like RMA-INS in there. So seems silly to record some but not others. If you move material from bin to bin in WIP like we need to, then you lose traceability of how and where things moved, when they moved and who moved them.

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sooooo. can you use a BMP or data directive to redirect the dataset to a UD table for WIP-WIP tracking?

We would love WIP tracking also. Right now we have a data directive on PartWIP to copy the rows to a UD table but it would be nice to see what others are doing as well.

Bingo, and union in a BAQ with PartTran you got it.

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