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We are currently using 201.1.600 and I have several question3 about Work Force.

  1. First off, how does one get put into the workforce.
  2. when you mark an employee as inactive how do you get it to mark him as inactive in work force.
  3. We have multiple people that are in Work Force that are not salespeople and multiple employees that are marked as inactive but still show up as active in work force. Is there a setting that would fix these problems.

Manually one adds work-force and also… if you mark an Employee as a Shop Supervisor

Active workforce is not related to active employee directly you could write a BPM to keep them in sync.

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One thing I usually do… add the prefix “Z-” to the employee name when inactivating.
So at least they stick out when I go to other areas like…workforce…

I am in the habit of adding the “Z-” prefix to many records that are inactive or no longer valid. Make them obvious and often they will drop to the bottom of lists/combos.

Another reason why non-salespeople show up in Workforce is because they are entered as a Supervisor in Employee Maintenance.

  1. Would this BPM work as method BPM? If so would I start at Employee Basic?
  2. Is there a switch that is in setup that would do this?
  3. Has this issue been addressed in any releases higher than 10.1.600?

It seems silly that if you mark an employee as inactive that it would keep it active in work force. My logic is, If it automatically creates it in work force , if you check the shop floor supervisor box, I would think it would automatically uncheck the box when you inactivate the employee.

Is there any other permissions that are still active when you mark an employee as inactive?

Any help with the BPM would be greatly appreciated.

In my opinion, the best place to manage Employee records is Person Contact Maintenance. When you create an employee record it also creates a Person Contact record. From the Person Contact Maintenance screen you can link to Workforce, Buyer, Employee, and Payroll.

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Work Force (the artist previously known as Sales Person) is one of the most misunderstood entities. One of its purposes is to act as a placeholder for Tasks. While TaskSets/Tasks started with the Sales Cycle, they are also used in ECO and Time/Expense Reporting. A Work Force entry can represent a sales person, engineer, employee, manager, or even an outside contractor with no other record in Epicor. In the case of Time and Expense approval, Epicor uses a Task Set which means that SOMEBODY needs to approve it. The Supervisor becomes the approver of the time or expense and that’s why the Work Force record is created.

But like the Buyer code, there is not necessarily a one-to-one relationship of Work Force to Employee, or User or even Sales Person. Each Workforce (or Buyer) has a list of Authorized Users who can act on behalf of that Work Force Record. So one person can be authorized to act on multiple Work Force records and one Work Force record can have multiple users. This is why automatic expiration would break the model.

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I never put 2 and 2 together here. Thanks @Mark_Wonsil

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