WorkForce Authorized users - How to limit to active users?


I had to create a new WorkForce and adding authorized users, I notice the list was containing users no longer woirking for our company. Their account are Disabled state. If so, why are they showing in a list…?

I was wandering how to only show the active users in the list when a dropdown of users is selected. I have tried a PostProcessing BPM for GetList (Erp.UserFile.GetList) where I setup the whereclause via the SetArgument widget, and add “ttUserFileListRow.UserDisabled = 0”

But it gives me server side errors.
Ice.Common.EpicorServerException: The multi-part identifier “ttUserFileListRow.UserDisabled” could not be bound. —> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: The multi-part identifier “ttUserFileListRow.UserDisabled” could not be bound.

So what is the best way to limit the dropdowns of users to only show active users?



I’d use customization, and add an EpiFilter:

click the ellipse and add

Yes that would work, but I tought about using GetList or GetRows (hey what is the difference?) as it would affect all the places where such a list is fetched… (multiple hits with one stone… :wink: )


FWIW… I usually add the prefix “Z-” to descriptions for items that are no longer valid. This way they are more obvious wherever they are displayed.
Also, if included in sorted lists (combos) they are automatically dropped to the bottom.

We do the same thing. Sometime we want to be able to pick the old items, but by default, we usually don’t, so we sort them to the bottom.

I recall there being a similar post about reason codes.

Try this in custom code widget @Hogardy

result.UserFileList.RemoveAll(u => u.UserDisabled);
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