Wrong AR Reminder amounts for invoices with multiple due dates

Hi everyone,
my finance group just came upon the following issue :

  • create a payment term of 50% due in 30 days, 50% in 60 days;
  • enter a misc invoice of 1000 USD with invoice date in the past between 30 and 60 days from now (so that the first payment is overdue) and post it;
  • run AR reminder letter generation for today - the invoice will be shown with the full amount as overdue (1000 USD) instead of just 500 USD which is overdue now.

Aparently it has always worked this way (wrong) but nobody noticed it until now. Support suggests to do a customization but determining how much an invoice was overdue at a specific point in time (the reminder date) is not that easy, especially with multiple payments (as they are stored in a field and values are separated with comma instead of a separate table).

Did anyone had this problem and what did you do to fix it ?

Best regards,

Are you still on 10.1.400? I don’t remember when exactly but the payment schedule was moved from a string to its own table InvcSched

Yes, we are still on 10.1.400 - we had planned for an upgrade before the pandemics hit, then it was postponed for another 2 years.
I checked the E11.2 and indeed this was moved to InvcSched table - with this I have something to start building a custom report which would run correctly.
Thank you @Jonathan !