Wrong Estimated Labor Cost

I have been looking at other articles on this topic but don’t see my issue. Any help would be great! The estimated burden rate calculation is correct but not the estimated labor rate
The estimated labor cost for the part is not correct and don’t know what i am missing.

I have a resource group with no setup rate or setup crew.
The estimated production labor rate is $10.13 with the crew size of 1. There is only one operation with 1 piece per hour. When i review the part in engineering workbench the labor estimate for 1 piece is $30.39. I have been reading the estimate labor cost help section and it says Example(s)

  1. The estimated Production Labor Cost is $30 x 7 hours x 4 shop employees for a total estimated production cost of $840.

What am i missing? Shouldn’t the estimate be $10.13?
screenshots below:


Is it possible that your job operation is not defaulting to the resource group value?

Thanks Deborah.

After 48 hours of banging my head, i found it!
In engineering workbench the crew size was 3 even though the resource group value was set to 1.
Just in case anyone in the future runs to this, the location is in below.


So glad you found it.

You might want to go into your Resource Group Maintenance and default those values if you are comfortable with that.

Thanks! What was odd that was the first place i looked and it was checked to use the resource group values which was set to 1 but it still showed in the workbench as 3. i believe the disconnect came from DMT the BOM into epicor.

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