XL Connect Upgrade Cost

We are upgrading to Epicor 10.2.500 version and with that moving XL Connect from version 5 to version 7. We are being told that we need to repurchase the licenses and I am just curious if this is the experience others have had. It makes zero sense to me as we are current on our annual maintenance and I thought that included upgrades.

Anyone else have to repurchase? Or if you didn’t help me understand how you made that happen.

Who told you that you need to purchase a new license? I would talk to your CAM about your options. It doesn’t sound right that you would need to purchase a new license. Support may need to generate you a new key but buying a new license doesn’t make sense.

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We had to when going from 9.05 to We were able to get it heavily discounted, but I agree that we shouldn’t have had to repurchase the licenses. Epicor’s justification at the time was “XLC 5 and XLC 7 are different products, not an upgrade”. To add salt to that, any spreadsheets created in 5 had to be recreated in 7. They don’t uplift.

Uhh… what. It’s just a newer version of XL Connect. It’s the same software.

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We looked at upgrading from 5 to 7 and while our CAM was helpful they ultimately defer to the XLConnect sales team. They were unwilling to upgrade us to 7 without a large up front cost 3 years ago when we had just recently gone live with 5. When we talked about this last year, they still weren’t willing. So far we have held off upgrading due to the cost.

I agree it is the same software, just an upgrade which is what I thought we paid annual maintenance fees for.

But we have been told similar things to what Doyle Hamilton stated. It is beyond frustrating.

Perhaps if a few of us looking at upgrading did so collectively we would have more opportunity to have the maintenance part of the upgrade than if we do so individually? Is anyone here interested?

Yea… what’s the point of annual maintenance for XL Connect if it doesn’t cover updates.

We were told our maintenance is to support XL Connect 5. Which running with the current version of Epicor and Office 365 is not certified so it’s best effort from Epicor. The team there has been really good about it but we run into stability issues all the time.

It it were me and I was being told what you are being told, I’d go ahead and start building up some nice hot coals under my CAM to make it right for me as the customer. XLConnect is not the only accounting software package that works with Epicor and if your CAM would rather see those funds diverted away from his/her account, I’d let 'em. There’s always a way, assuming there is a will.


This… Your CAM needs to step up. You shouldn’t be on the hook for a new license. Epicor needs to do something better.


Our CAM told us the same. “Upgrade” cost was pretty nuts. XL Connect is pushing users away. Eventually, folks will drop the module and find an alternative.

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