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I do not know much about XL Connect, but time to learn. My finance manager’s hard drive crashed and we have to reinstall everything. How do you install XL Connect to the computer? We have it installed on the server, but is there a client that goes with it? Again, I don’t know much so if this is way wrong, please show me the right path.

Everything you might need should be on Sign In this page, there is a XL Connect Section (Install Guides, Upgrade Guides etc.)

The Downloads Section as well on EpicWeb should easily show a Client Download, typically an Excel Plugin.

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If you go to your the location of your XLConnect Install Files you’ll see a Documentation folder that contains an Installation Guide PDF:

\EpicorXLConnectSP6forEpicor10.1GLandClient\Documentation\Installation Guide.pdf

There is a section on how to install XLConnect on a Client Machine.

Even following the instructions I’ve had some difficulty getting XLConnect to install and work easily on a client machine. Here are the steps I take:
I install the appropriate version of XLConnect that matches the version of Excel that is running on the Client.
Path Example:
\EpicorXLConnectSP6forEpicor10.1GLandClient\Epicor XL Connect SP6 for Epicor 10.1\Excel #### x86 and x64\setup.exe

Then I run the Content Pack Installer (we have the GL Content Pack Only).
Path Example:
\EpicorXLConnectSP6forEpicor10.1GLandClient\Epicor XL Connect SP6 Epicor 10.1 GL\Setup.exe

Once the XLConnect files are installed I open Excel and see an Epicor XL Connect tab.

I usually click on the Application Settings and I uncheck the Use settings from Configuration Path (I’ve never been able to use a central Configuration file so I just fill this in manually maybe you will have better luck? I worked with someone from Epicor once and they never really suggested another way. So this is how we do it. - Now I have that song stuck in my head! :love_you_gesture::smile:) and fill-in all of the needed information that opens up.

Local Content Path Setting:

Once the Application Settings are complete, save them and click Scan for Content

Be sure to say “No” to use current settings and to not wipe out your Application Settings that you just inputted.

Make sure that you have the needed Add-Ins for Excel and that they are Active:

If you are missing the BizInsightXL or BizInsightXL.Foundation or the Epicor 10 GL 32-Bit Add-Ins or they are not Active you can go to the Installation Guide and it will tell you how to install them manually.

A little overkill but wanted to give some extra help - from someone who hates it every time I have to install XLConnect on someone’s machine. :roll_eyes: