Xmas Double ProTip of the Week

ProTip #1: Don’t be a Grinch and ruin your own holiday by deploying something right before Christmas. Instead, kick back and enjoy some eggnog with your family. You don’t want to be stuck troubleshooting from your childhood bedroom while your parents hover over your shoulder.

ProTip #2: Don’t be a Scrooge and report us as spam just because you have email digests turned on. Take a moment to change your preferences or unsubscribe instead of causing a headache for us with all the red tape that comes with being flagged as spam on AWS. Remember, it’s the season of giving, not taking away.


I am going to have some Eggnog right now. Good Idea!


@jgiese.wci thank you for the tips!

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He should add you to his Daily SMS Tips Hotline. I get a tip every day.


We even have a line setup with an IVR with a daily tip pick-me-up 920-593-8286


Is the NLP handled by chatGPT too?

I’m not that fancy

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