Zebra Printers

Sorry if my terminology is incorrect, I’m a newbie to Kinetic 202X. Been on Vantage 6.1 for last 20 years.
Smart Client is installed, and we are on Kinetic in the Cloud (SAAS). Still in implementation.
I’m having issues printing directly to Zebra printers using ZPL code on forms we use as labels or tags.
Since using the (local) client printer selection creates a permanent spinning wheel, tech support has told us this is environmental, and refuse to try to remedy the problem. We can’t print to any printer this way. They have pushed me to the Edge Agent in network mode. I have complied, but this has now created other issues for me, as the Edge Agent does nothing if you select the format as EMF, which I’ve found to be raw text. I need this raw format to push out the ZPL code to the Zebra Printers.
Maybe my approach is incorrect, but at this point I’m looking for any suggestions.

Are you actually multi-tenant or do you have your own server? If you are truly MT you might be boned. I can’t think of a scenario where you could get Epicor to output ZPL directly to your printers. Possibly using some UBAQ magic and a screen customization?

Might I suggest looking into Bartender.

In my experience, I’ve not needed to send EMF to Zebra printers, but I don’t use ZPL either. Is there a specific reason why you need to use ZPL?

We’ve been tempted to move to ZPL it’s incredible fast and low overhead. It’s all direct text the printer doesn’t have to process an image. We had an automated line that I assisted with setting up at another company that anything but ZPL was too slow for auto applicator printers.

Primarily my guess is they already had ZPL formats they just need to load the updated Epicor data into vs rebuilding from scratch.

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Not too hard a workaround with the classic client, but what are they gonna do in a few years when the client is no more?

Certainly can be done, but a lot more involved.

We are on Azure, a subscription of Kinetic from Epicor.
The ZPL is code I wrote for Vantage 6.1, as was stated below because of the performance issues.

Thanks, I’ll review these suggestions.

Not sure if this is related or not, but we’ve been having issues lately printing to Zebra printers from Quick Ship (we’re also SaaS) and our IT worked with Epicor support to confirm there’s a bug related to our issue.

Problem# PRB0268774