Zero dollar invoice post

We have a Zero $ invoice and if we post it, how will we be able to then remove it from Epicor on the customer’s account?

Does zero dollar invoices have a corresponding offsetting GL account?

It depends on how the Invoice was structured.

If lines were entered with a unit cost of $0.00, then no GL transactions are created (the Edit list wont even print)

If lines were created with unit costs, and a a discount applied against them, then GL trans are created based on the accounts setup for revenue and discount.

For example, if your revenue account was 5999-00-00, and your discount account was 5999-00-00, and the invoice had one line for Qty10 @ $20.00 each, with a $200.00 discount, you’d get GL Trans for $200, Crediting and debiting the 5999-00-00 account. The net is zero but the transactions are created.

The same invoice entered with Qty 10 and unit price $0.00, will not create any GL trans.

Yes, it had a unit cost but nothing shipped, it was backordered, so it billed at zero.
Our concern was if we let it bill, then how do we remove it from the A/R and customer’s account.

Just a guess, but I’d assume a zero extended cost (from either a 0 unit cost, or 0 qty) do the same thing - that is to make no GL Trans.