Zone BAQ

I’m about a week old working in Epicor, and today I’ve learned about ZoneBAQ’s.
I’ve created one for the Part Master, to display the part number and description next to the Part text field. It works great and people are very happy with it, and have asked to implement it in a few other places.
I am now looking to add this same Part ZoneBAQ to the Part field found in Time Phase Inquiry.
I’ve tried implementing it using Extended Properties and the Customization wizard, but no success.

Any suggestions?


Thanks for the response Tom!

This was actually where I first attempted to accomplish this. But it still yielded no results :slightly_frowning_face:

Time Phase Inquiry is one of the Forms that incorporates Logical Tables and you will need to add the Zone via UI Customization. From Customization mode on the form, go to Tools>Wizards>Customization Wizards>Modify Extended Properties and Launch the Wizard.

The data view for the Part field on that form is “Misc” and the Data Field is “PartNum”. The Extended Prop should be ZoneBaq and then select your Part Zone BAQ.

I assume that you are using the “Like” Markup on the BAQ and the Misc.PartNum binding is defined with a like of Part.PartNum so I would expect the BAQ to do the expected filtering.


Thank you for the explanation.

While you’re here… Is there any way to adjust the default column widths for a Zone BAQ? Our salespeople depend on a Zone BAQ for entering part numbers on Quote / Order lines, and the Part Description column in the Zone BAQ isn’t quite wide enough to see the whole thing. So, they have to drag the columns to widen it dozens and dozens of times a day. It sounds petty but it causes a ton of frustration. Can’t figure out a way to solve it though.