$0 MtlUnitCost BPM triggers when parts have mtl cost?

Hi guys,

Our cost analyst requested an email alert when manufactured jobs are put into stock with $0 material cost. I created a PRE BPM on the ReceiptsFromMfg.ReceiveMfgPartToInventory business object, using a number of rows >=1 query to see if the ttPartTran’s MtlUnitCost=0.

Unfortunately, it’s also triggering when the MtlUnitCost is not zero as well! The part revision is approved, part and it’s material part has a FIFO cost shown in Part Tracker.

Any ideas? Thank for the help!





We have a dashboard that’s working properly with this, which had another criteria of TranType = MFG-STK". I added that in, but it’s still emailing when it shouldn’t.

Should the image be equal to 1 instead of more or equal to one?



Possible that more than one part is being affected during the BO method?

If PartNumber is a parameter, try adding it to the table criteria in the condition.

Calvin - I’m a pretty basic BPM user at the moment. I don’t see the PartNum parameter below. Do I set it somewhere else (like the Set Argument Variable) before the Condition? Hopefully I can find an example to copy. Thanks!

Sorry if I got your hopes up. I’m no BPM pro either. But I’ll give it a look, that way I’ll have learned a little more.

Try adding another criteria for RowMod = “U”

It might be that the PartTran record is added with no cost l, but then updated during the method. May want to run a trace log to see exactly what’s going on in PartTran.

You’ll actually want RowMod = ‘U’ or RowMod = ‘A’. It’s likely an ADD, but sometimes Epicor is funny and they actually use a “U” even though it’s a new record. Not sure if it does it on PartTran, but worth having both RowMod’s accounted for.

I think he should isolate RowMod = “U” before adding “A”. My thought is that its catching the 0 cost when the record is added, but when the email is sent its displaying the updated cost.

Thanks Zack and Kevin. I added a RowMod = U criteria, and that seems to have done it. The trace only had RowMod = U (no A). I’ll let our cost accountant do some more testing to make sure this works with backflushed items as well. Thanks!