0000 Fiscal Year / 0 Fiscal Period - how to get rid of reconciled payment entry

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Please help a noob. :slight_smile:

Our payments clerk keyed in payment before we set up a new fiscal year. It resulted in an entry with 0000 fiscal year and 0 Fiscal period. Demo below:

It appears only mess up my currency revaluation report, as GL and accounts appear to be ok…I think.
I need to reverse that particular transaction, but it is already reconciled. Do I void it? I’ve read in some post here that voiding reconciled transactions is not possible.
Or is there any other way?

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I’m interested in where you read that you can’t void reconciled transactions.

We are going to start bank statement processing and reconcile our bank account with Epicor… is that what you mean by a “reconciled transaction.” Or are you just saying that something posted to your GL is a “reconciled transaction?”

Hi Utah.
Here - Problems with loading check in void payment entry
Although i’m far from understanding the topic, perhaps i misunderstood.

The transaction is posted to GL and the “Bank statement processing” for that month is complete.

Have you posted the Bank Reconcile Statement as well? If not, then un-reconcile the entry and do the payment void.

In case you have posted the Bank Reconcile entry then suggest to approach Epicor support.