10.2.600 & AR Invoice Form

Yep the system monitor issue is definitely what it was. I deployed the client app with StartSystemMonitor set to false in the client config, when True is what I needed. Thanks!

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Back to this fun thing. Although my “fixed” form is running fine, the server is logging an exception every time it runs. This error does not appear in the System Monitor at all.

Ice.Common.EpicorServerException: The number of report label columns for table RptLabels exceeds the maximum of 1024 and will be truncated. ---> System.Exception: The number of report label columns for table RptLabels exceeds the maximum of 1024 and will be truncated.
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---

So I’ve spent 4 days or so on trying to retrofit a NEW RDD (copy of the 10.2.600 ARForm and added my 3 tables and their relationships) to the existing AR Invoice RDL and that’s going horribly.

Of note, the base RDL ARForm does not use subreports for customer details anymore (which my customized version did because the stock RDL used to do that) and changes the header information pretty substantially to the point where I’m not really sure what else to do here.

Stock report:


Keep in mind this is a minorly customized form (Added a logo, a static text field, and a lot number field) that has been working for years and years and only minor upgrade changes needed for new versions. I am obviously venting a bit but this is honestly ridiculous.

So my option now is to, having re-build an RDD from scratch, re-customize a base version of their AR Form and try to get all the things to look and function the way it has for years.

Two thumbs down on this change, there’s gotta be a better way to do this.

Our friend @Aaron_Moreng pleads for a better way, and one exists if Epicor elects to use it: Public roadmaps & versioning. Epicor could easily publicize something like, “we intend to transform capability X starting in version Y and the old capability will continue to have legacy support until date Z.” For a period of a few releases, Epicor would then support two versions of the functionality, like ARForm and ARFormV2 (with associated RDDs), but still eventually drop the old version. For RDDs, behind the scenes Epicor could hide database schema changes using views, for example. This versioning strategy would support a speedy customer migration to new software versions, while allowing some changes to be made on the customer’s schedule (any time before date Z).

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102.200.6 to 10.2.700.6
Had the same error message about those two fields. Had to get the log from the server, though. Did not appear in the system monitor details

  • Query execution failed for dataset ‘ARForm’. —> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Invalid column name ‘Calc_MtExtPrice’. Invalid column name ‘ProbReasonCode’.

Once those two fields were removed from the AR Form query, the report rendered.